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Karyn Krawford
Karyn Krawford
I rented a hybrid car from them and found the service very professional, amazingly low rates and the car was top spec. Over delivered. Am recommending as well to my Aussie friends when travelling to NZ
Armen Mkoian.
Armen Mkoian.
Great price, excellent service went very smooth. Will use it again!
Art Mkrtch
Art Mkrtch
Exceptional service! My car broke down right before the scheduled trip, Booked a hybrid Corolla for that purpose. Haven't had any issues, super clean and saved some money on petrol as well. Normally I don't write any reviews, but this company definitely deserves that. Next time I'll book an EV to not pay for fuel at all 🙂
Marina S
Marina S
CarForRent has redefined my car rental experiences. From their top-quality, eco-friendly vehicles to their cost-effective pricing, they truly stand out in Auckland.I was highly impressed with their prompt and convenient delivery service, a true game-changer. Plus, their friendly and professional customer service ensured a smooth, hassle-free process.CarForRent is a stellar choice for any traveler in need of a reliable and affordable car rental. Undoubtedly a five-star service!
I was curious with the lower price the offered me for the rental car compared to other international rental brands, and I found out I had a very good experience with CarForRent rental, start with the clear direction to the pick up station and great customer service, quick process and the car was clean. I had Toyota Yaris, nice car and we rented for a week. I just returned the car today and returning process was also very simple. Highly recommended
Hanna Potter
Hanna Potter
It was a pleasure to use the car rental service from Carforrent. The rented car was in excellent condition, salon was clean and tidy. Communication also was great. We will definitely rent a car here next time. Highly recommend!
David K
David K
Amazing local rental company, unlike the big brands they are very down to earth, flexible and competitively priced. They are all about hybrid vehicles which means they are cheap to run and good for environment. Customer service is second to none. Will definitely use them again 👍
Sasha Aksiuk
Sasha Aksiuk
We’ve rented Honda Fit with recently. I was pleasantly surprised by the car. Fuel spending was super low and car itself was clean and tidy. Definitely come back🙌🏻
Toyota Yaris was a perfect choice for a weekly travel around north island. Comfortable new car, low fuel consumption at a reasonable price. Many thanks!

Unlock a World of Advantages with Us!

Multilingual Support: English, 中文, Русский - Seamless Communication Assured.

Personalized Care: Your Needs, Our Priority.

You Choice, You Experience: Specific car & Equipment, No

Safety First: Thorough Disinfection for Your Peace of Mind.

Eco- Friendly fleet: Electric & Petrol Hybrid Options for Cost

How Car Rental Works

 Your Journey Starts Here

-Minimum Rental Age: 18 years

-For Drivers Under 21: A Young Driver Fee Applies

-Senior Driver Fee Applies

-Your License: Valid for at Least 1 Year from Issuance by Authorized Authorities

-License in English Alphabet Required

-For Non-English Licenses: International Driver Permit (IDP) Required

-Non-Roman Alphabet Licenses: Supplement with an International Driving Permit (IDP), Valid with Regular License

Additional Requirements:

-Valid Driver’s License
-Debit or Credit Card in Main Driver’s Name
-Booking Voucher
-Prepare for an Exciting Adventure with These Essential

Refundable security deposit

Unlock Your Journey with Confidence!

Deposit Range: NZ$1000 – NZ$2500

Rest easy knowing that a refundable deposit will be temporarily secured on your credit card or debited from your debit card throughout the duration of your rental.

The specific deposit amount will be finalized upon pickup, contingent upon the insurance option you select.

In accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

Set Out on Your Adventure with Peace of Mind!

Payment Security and Card Acceptance

We Do Not Collect Credit/Debit Card Data.
Rest assured, your online payment is processed through Worldline.

Card Security by ANZ Bank.
Your card security is overseen by ANZ Bank, ensuring your peace of mind.

Please note that this information solely pertains to the payment process. For the security deposit, a credit card may be required.

Accepted Credit/Debit Cards with Main Driver’s Full Name:

MasterCard Credit/Debit
Visa Credit/Debit

Not Accepted:

Someone Else’s Card (Including Family Members)
Any Prepaid Card
Your confidence in our secure payment process is our priority.

Explore with Assurance!

Full Terms & Conditions

For a Seamless Experience, Here’s What You Need to Know:

Optional Extras and Services

Enhance Your Ride with These Options:

Phone Holder
Baby Seat (Up to 1 Year)
Child Seat (2-4 Years)
Booster Seat (4-10 Years)
Prices are displayed during booking.

Additional Drivers

Add More Explorers to the Journey:

Adding drivers is allowed.
Additional charge for 3rd driver.
Young and Senior driver fees apply for drivers under 21 and older 70 years old
All drivers must be present at pickup with valid documentation.
First Additional Driver Free

Delivery/Collection Service

Convenience at Your Doorstep: Available upon request.
Additional charges may apply.

Fuel Policy

Keep It Balanced: Vehicle comes with a full tank.
Return with the same amount to avoid extra charges.

Additional Information

Ready for the Return:

Return the vehicle in an acceptable clean condition.

Flexible Service Hours:

Request service outside regular hours.
Grace period for pickup delays: 60 minutes.

Experience a Smooth Pickup & Drop-off Process. Your Adventure Awaits!


All our cars insured by comprehensive insurance policy. Protected third party accidents, theft and fire. With different excess fee, please check below and choose right for yourself:

Coverage Options

Responsible 24/7: -$1000 Excess / Deposit – $22 per day.( Tiers and Windscreen are included )

Trustful 24/7: -$1000 Excess / Deposit – $11 per day.
Basic 24/7: -$2500 Excess / Deposit – $0 per day.


1000$ Excess Comprehensive Insurance: Comprehensive coverage with $1000 excess and bond. Windscreen and tires are included. Includes 24/7 AA road assistance.

1000$ Excess Third-party, Fire and Theft: Covers fire, theft, and third-party damage with a $1000 excess. Windscreen and tires not included. Includes 24/7 AA road assistance.

2500$ Excess Third-party, Fire and Theft: Same coverage as above with a $2500 excess and bond. Windscreen and tires not included.

REDUCE LIABILITY: Choose one of our insurance options to reduce damage liability from $2500 to $1000.

Note: None of the packages cover smokers.

Travel confidently knowing you’re covered with our comprehensive insurance options.


Cancel or extend your rental by calling us or sending an email anytime.
Cancel more than 24 hours before pick-up: $25 transaction fee, refund processed in 5 days.
Cancel within 24 hours: 1-day rental fee + transaction fee.
No-shows: Partial refund (typically 2 days’ rental).

Refunds for Payments:

Eligible refunds processed to original credit/debit card.
If paid by card, cancel before pick-up.
Debit card refunds within 5 to 10 business days, call if delayed.

Security Deposit Refunds:

Credit Card: Authorized on pickup, charged upon return.
Debit Card: Charged on pickup, refunded to account after return.

Your convenience and satisfaction are our priority. For queries, call us. Thank you for choosing

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